A Guide For Remodeling

Things to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen or Bathroom

The main question to consider is why are you deciding to get home remodeling done? This is where your money needs to go. If its space, then opening up areas to make the space is where the money should go. If it’s redoing the floors, countertops, etc. then put it there. Finally, if its over new appliances or new shower/bath that’s where the most money needs to go; to whatever you really want, because if you aren’t going to get what you really want why redo it. For obvious reasons you have to be reasonable with your budget, but let’s look at examples of phoenix kitchen remodeling ideas first.

First you need a theme, so everything looks like it fits. For countertops granite what many people like in kitchens. It’s long lasting, adds value, and doesn’t depreciate in value of the years, its sanitary, and easy to clean. It is heavy though and needs more support, and if you decide to change from granite it can be a pain to do. Another option is stainless steel. It gives your kitchen a more professional look, is resistant to heat, water, stains and just about anything else.

This is why commercial kitchens use them. Two things it isn’t resistant to are scratches and dents. So if you don’t want scratches from your knife cuts, you are going to want to hang on to your cutting boards. Dents will acquire after some time, it helps to have someone who know to stainless steal counter tops who can put in support beams to help prevent these dents.


If the floors is where you wanting to go, almost instantly you know it’s going to be a hardwood floor, because who’s ever seen a carpet kitchen? But do you go wood, vinyl, concrete or tile? The best way to decide is how often you use your kitchen, and how messy it can get. If have a lot of spill accidents, vinyl is the best way to go. It’s waterproof and stain proof. Its downfall is its softness makes it hard to stay bonded over time. These others stick well and are durable but may require more cleaning.

If its appliances you want the basic rule is to remember what your theme and theme colors are. The most variant specifications are in the type of oven and stovetop you want, and your refrigerator design. Do you want the oven built in which would mean a separate stove top or do you want it all together? How about a French door fridge, freezer on top, or the bottom? Maybe you also need a separate freezer space for extra meat? These are the things to consider for your kitchen remodel.